Indian Head Massage

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What is Indian Head Massage?

Indian Head Massage is much more than its name would suggest: 

As you may expect, it does include a scalp and face massage which can be performed with or without oil.

However, it also includes the upper back, shoulders, upper arms, and neck.  This is performed over your clothing whilst you sit comfortably on a low backed chair.

This westernised version of IHM has its foundations in the traditional IHM used in India for thousands of years, both as a regular part of family life - from birth through to old age- and as a skill practised by barbers.

How will Indian Head Massage benefit me?

You may feel muscular tension in your neck, back, shoulders, scalp and face is reduced.

You may notice improved skin, scalp and hair condition.

You may feel generally more relaxed and therefore more able to take the stresses and strains of everyday life in your stride.  If you normally have a poor sleep pattern, this might also improve following a treatment.


Who is Indian Head Massage suitable for?

Indian Head Massage is a safe and effective treatment, which is very adaptable, and therefore suitable for a very wide range of people. 

There are some conditions which may require special consideration such as:

If you have, for example, a localised skin irritation or bruising, your treatment would be adapted to avoid the affected area.

It may be that your treatment is delayed until a particular condition, such as a fever or cold, has cleared up.

Or you may need  to refer to your GP for advice if you suffer from complex conditions such epilepsy, severe circulatory/heart conditions or dysfunctions of the nervous system.

If you have any questions about this please contact me, either via the contact form on this website, or by telephone on:  07790 287996 (mobile) and I will be happy to help you.

What will happen during my appointment?

I will arrive at your home/venue with all the necessary equipment; all you will need to provide is a space - this doesn't have to be huge, so long as I can move freely around you whilst you are seated in the chair.

Once I have set up my chair, music etc. we will go through the client consultation form and treatment plan,  which will contain a number of medical and lifestyle questions.  These are important, to establish whether you have any specific requirements, what your hopes and expectations of the Indian Head Massage are and whether or not there are any conditions which mean that we have to adapt or postpone the treatment:  This is also your opportunity to ask me any questions you may have at this stage.

Your initial consultation will take approximately 15 minutes, but this will be a little shorter at your subsequent appointments.  There is no additional charge for any consultation and all the information you give will be kept securely and in the strictest confidence.

You should allow approximately one hour for your appointment to take account of your consultation time and aftercare advice, and for me to set up and pack away my equipment.

How often should I have Indian Head Massage?

There is no set answer to this, it is really dependent upon your needs and preferences which will of course vary from person to person and also from time to time.

Please contact me if you wish to discuss your particular circumstances before booking your appointment.  Alternatively, this will be covered during your consultation or aftercare advice at your appointment.

How much does an Indian Head Massage Treatment cost?

A 30 minute treatment (approximately) is £22.00

You should allow approximately 1 hour for your total appointment to take account of your consultation and aftercare advice.